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Need more help? 

I have tried to equip you with everything there is to know about the application process. If you still want to talk about your application, I will be happy to get on a call and discuss.

However, do take a note that I am not a licensed consultant and will not be able to fill the application on your behalf. Treat me like a friend who has your best interest in mind and will provide you with answers and suggestions based on my own experience of settling down in Canada. Do check our disclaimer and T&C for more details.


We DO NOT have any paid services - we just connect, be friends and catchup on coffee when you reach Canada :-)


Why? Because connecting and helping is my passion - and I want to believe that there is still some goodness left in the world if we do our bit!

We help you in the hope of you helping another - and together we grow!

Free slots


Discuss your application and tips on how to apply for a Canadian PR on your own, without spending on agents. NEW SLOTS EVERY WEEK.

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