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Stuck with a 6.5 in writing?​

The only way to improve your IELTS score in writing is feedback. PERIOD!

We are so proud to introduce Shannon & Jessica Marshall, who are native english speakers, certified IELTS trainers and have helped thousands of people achieve the desired score in IELTS (Know more about them). 

We have partnered with them to introduce a writing correction service that allows you to get video feedback on your essays from Shannon & Jessica. 

Have a look at what a 17 minute feedback will look like [CLICK HERE]

$19.95 per essay sounds expensive?

Here are 4 reasons why it's worth it..

  1. You get a 15-20 mins video feedback - that's what makes it effective!

  2. Shannon & Jessica are certified IELTS trainers who have been doing this for 8 years

  3. They are native english speakers (English is their first language)

  4. This can be the difference between a 6.5 and a 7. 

Still not convinced, no problem! Just download the free study plan where Shannon & Jessica talk about what a CLB 9 essay looks like, marking criteria, common mistakes and much more!

How it works?